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Current Restoration Projects

Learn more about the current work LCFEG is doing to restore and enhance salmon habitat!

In-Stream Restoration

SF Toutle at Johnson Creek Riparian Restoration

This is a riparian and floodplain enhancement project in the Johnson Creek reach of the South Fork Toutle River. We plan to install at least 40 floodplain roughness structures and 38,900 plants over nearly 46 acres. 

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SF Toutle Lower Brownell Reach Restoration

The project will address natural processes to benefit ESA-listed Chinook, coho, and steelhead as well as resident and anadromous lamprey, trout, and a dozen other coldwater fish species inventoried in the reach. This project will finalize the design to install instream and floodplain woody materials as well as jumpstart riparian and upland plant succession.

Riparian Restoration and Enhancement

Nutrient Enhancement

This project will increase the rearing success of natural-origin juvenile salmonids in the East Fork Lewis, Kalama, Toutle, and Washougal sub-basins over four years. LCFEG will direct and coordinate the dispersal of a minimum of 60,000 surplus hatchery salmonid carcasses during this time. In total, 100 river miles will be addressed through these efforts. 


Mason Creek Restoration

This project will enhance 2.5 miles of aquatic habitat and riparian communities along upper Mason Creek, an East Fork Lewis River tributary. We will install 250 instream habitat structures (Post Assisted Log Structures -PALs and Beaver Dam Analogs -BDAs) and 27,000 riparian plants.

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