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Brownell Creek Reach_20190419_Drone_RM7 looking upstream_edited.jpg

SF Toutle Lower Brownell Reach Restoration


The project will address natural processes to benefit ESA-listed Chinook, coho, and steelhead as well as resident and anadromous lamprey, trout, and a dozen other coldwater fish species inventoried in the reach. This project will finalize the design to install instream and floodplain woody materials as well as jumpstart riparian and upland plant succession. The project will install shorter term instream and off-channel habitat structures as well as island-forming structures aimed at jumpstarting the establishment of mature floodplain forests in the immediate project reach. Plants for the project will be grown by Toutle Lake HS students and LCFEG staff using local plant stock.

Target Species 

Chinook ​


# Miles of Stream Treated 

# Acres of Floodplain Treated 


Grant Funds

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