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Seeds to Salmon

Developed in response to concern about a shortage of conifer seeds for replanting after wildfires and a shortage of native plants to meet demand, Seeds to Salmon meets a need for increased plant availability and diversity while giving students hands-on experience in principles of native plant propagation and ecological restoration.

The 2023/24 School Year

This year we were able to expand the program to students at CASEE (Center for Agriculture, Science, and Environmental Education) a part of Battle Ground Public Schools, for the first time, while continuing our work with Fort Vancouver and Hudson’s Bay High School in the Vancouver School Districts. In total, we worked with 6 different high school classes between the 3 schools throughout the 2023/34 school year! The hard work of these students yielded over 1,200 seedlings/cuttings that will be cared for until they are mature enough for planting in the field. 

The Curriculum

Built to provide 12X1-hour lessons throughout the course of an entire school year. LCFEG's Education and Outreach Coordinator attends class once a week (for 6 weeks during the fall, and 6 weeks during the spring growing season, with a winter break in between).

Lessons are hands-on and focus on getting students outside into the greenhouse spaces on campus to learn about native plant propagation. Teachers choose 12-week's worth of lessons from the list of standard topics below...

  • PNW native trees & stratification 

  • PNW native shrubs and taking cuttings

  • Herbaceous wetland species and seed planting 

  • Invasive species and pathogens

  • Native and invasive plant ID

  • Careers in conservation panel

  • Native annuals and scarification/stratification

  • Up-potting plants/dividing and transferring seedlings 

  • Cone and seed extractions

  • Designing a revegetation plan

  • Nursery maintenance/organization

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