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Native Plant Nursery

LCFEG maintains three native plant nursery sites that serve as a valuable educational tool as well as a beneficial way to raise native plants for local salmon habitat restoration projects. Each nursery has the capability to host 20,000 native plants! 


Fort Vancouver HS  

This nursery was born out of a partnership that LCFEG has forged with Clark Conservation District and Fort Vancouver High School, and we are excited to be sharing this space with them in the coming years. This space will be utilized for a variety of programs and one of the most important is that it will allow Seeds to Salmon students at Fort to learn about native plant propagation and nursery maintenance tasks


This nursery is located at the Center for Agriculture, Science and Environmental Education in Brush Prairie, also known as CASEE.   Started in 2021, we'll raise plants in the hoop house for our restoration projects and will provide hands-on educational opportunities for CASEE students. 


In 2017, LCFEG staff installed a hoop house on the Toutle Lake High School campus to raise plants while providing students a hands-on opportunity to learn about watershed health, habitat restoration, and plant stewardship.   More recently, we added stooling beds for water-loving trees and shrubs like willows and cottonwoods for future habitat restoration projects.  


Willows potted by Toutle Lake students growing at our Toutle Nursery site 

 LCFEG Native Plant Inventory 

Here's a list of the species LCFEG maintains. We have the capacity to host and care for around 60,000 native plants across all three nursery spaces.

  • Big Leaf Maple

  • Black Cottonwood

  • Black Hawthorne 

  • Cascara

  • Common Snowberry 

  • Douglas Fir 

  • Douglas Spirea 

  • Grand Fir 

  • Nootka Rose 


Oregon Ash

Oregon White Oak

Pacific Ninebark

Red Flowering Currant 

Red Osier Dogwood 


Vine Maple 

Western Red Cedar 

Western White Pine 

Slough Sedge

Riverbank Lupine

Douglas Aster

Willow spp. 

Coastal Redwood

Giant Sequoia


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