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Shauna Hanisch-Kirkbride, Managing Director

Shauna has been the director of LCFEG since 2018. She started her career working for the USFS (spotted owls) and the USFWS (California condors) among other seasonal stints.  Prior to joining LCFEG and returning to her hometown of Vancouver, she worked in Washington DC and Michigan.  She led the USFWS's effort to manage double-crested cormorants then moved to the Midwest for grad school followed by five years teaching environmental science to non-science majors. She holds a PhD in fisheries and wildlife from Michigan State University, an MPA (Boise State University), and a B.S. in wildlife biology (University of Montana). She loves the outdoors and the beauty of the PNW, from the coast to the mountains.  She doesn't fish and is driven instead by a love for and appreciation of salmon and native plants, and the idea that it is our sacred duty as humans to restore ecosystems and do what we can to promote healthy coexistence with other species.  


Brice Crayne, Project Manager

Brice has been with LCFEG since 2015.  A native of Longview, Brice heard stories from his grandfather of great days fishing for salmon, sturgeon, and steelhead in the rivers of southwest Washington. By the time Brice started fishing on his own, he had to work a lot harder to catch a lot less fish and a career path became clear. Brice has a B.A. in chemistry and environmental studies (Whitman College) and a Master's certificate in fisheries management (Oregon State University).  He started his career as an AmeriCorps habitat restoration coordinator in Vancouver. Since then, Brice has worked for state agencies in Idaho, watershed councils in Oregon, and public utilities in Washington, all the while never living outside the Columbia River watershed.  Brice is excited about continuing restoration projects in the upper Coweeman River watershed and the upper South Fork Toutle headwaters valley to  support recovery of ESA- listed fish species.


Chelsey Pacanins, Stewardship Coordinator

Chelsey has been working with LCFEG since 2019. Originally hired as an intern while going to WSU-Vancouver, Chelsey looked after our native plant nurseries along with assisting our project managers. After graduating with a B.S. in Earth and Environmental Science (Zoology minor) and a B.A. in Anthropology, Chelsey joined us full-time as our Stewardship Coordinator. She’s excited to connect LCFEG with the communities of southwest Washington. Being enthralled with nature didn’t really begin until she moved from Texas to Washington, where hiking, camping and kayaking became a huge part of her life. While a student at the Center of Agricultural Science and Environmental Education (CASEE), Chelsey discovered what she was really passionate about: ecological restoration and environmental education. Chelsey has also spent time working on organic farms in New Zealand and in retail nurseries in Vancouver, Washington, gaining knowledge of sustainable practices for growing plants.


Jesse Barr, Restoration Technician

Jesse has been working with LCFEG since March 2020.  He was born and raised in Vancouver and grew up fishing the rivers of southwest  Washington. He first got involved in the environmental field in high school, while interning with the City of Vancouver’s Water Resource Education Center. After receiving a B.A. in Environmental Studies (Environmental Science and Resource Management minor) from the University of Washington, Jesse decided to return home.  He joined LCFEG after serving three consecutive AmeriCorps terms, most recently with the StreamTeam at Clark Public Utilities where he gained valuable insights into salmon habitat restoration. An avid angler, Jesse is passionate about the native salmonids that call this area home. He is looking forward to learning new skills and doing his part to help restore fish habitat in the area.