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Coweeman, Nineteen, and Skipper Restoration

This restoration project aims to restore natural processes and wood loading rates to 0.7 miles of the Coweeman River and 0.6 miles of tributary habitat. The project includes floodplain activation, beaver-focused riparian habitat enhancement (installation of beaver dam analogs), and an overall increase in complex and diverse habitats that will increase productivity of ESA-listed Chinook, coho, and steelhead. Historically,  there were as many as five splash dams working in the Coweeman watershed in the early 1900s. Relics suggest that prior to human impact floodplain elevation was substantially higher than where it is today, and that this reach has a high capacity to store sediment and woody debris. In addition, the channel migration zone has been significantly reduced from historic levels due to channel incision and revegetation of terraces left behind from the historic splash dam. This project will use traditional bedrock anchoring of large-diameter grade control structures combined with boulder and rootwad supplementation to initiate rebuilding of alluvial layers necessary to create hyporheic exchange and increase pool frequencies necessary to support aquatic species


Target Species 

Chinook ​


1.3 Miles of Stream Treated 

10.5 Acres of Floodplain Treated 



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