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Nutrient Enhancement 


Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group staff and volunteers have worked closely with WDFW to accomplish nutrient enhancement goals for the 2021/2022 season. To date, we have dispersed approximately 20,100 salmon carcasses across four basins, East Fork Lewis, Kalama, Toutle, and Washougal. Fall Chinook nutrient enhancement began in late September, followed by early Coho. 

Key nutrients supplied by anadromous salmonid carcasses and supplemented with SCA's (Salmonid Carcass Analogs) play a crucial role in increasing the size and survival of salmonids, increasing productivity in riparian zones, and benefiting anadromous fish populations within each target watershed. 

Thank you Volunteers

Volunteers and DOC crews have been a critical part of our program and have dedicated over 800 hours assisting our staff with cutting tails and placement.


This project  is part of the SW Washington Nutrient Coalition Project which will  increase the rearing success of natural-origin juvenile salmonids in the East Fork Lewis, Kalama, Toutle, and Washougal sub-basins over a three year period. LCFEG will direct and coordinate the dispersal of a minimum of 60,000 surplus hatchery salmonid carcasses during this time. In total, a minimum of 40 river-miles of high priority "Tier 1" reaches will be enhanced, alongside another 50 miles of "Tier 2-4" reaches. This project benefits Lower Columbia coho, Chinook, steelhead, and chum salmon species.

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