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What is the Climate Commitment Act?

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This act has created investments in climate mitigation efforts accross Washington state. LCFEG is currently utilizing CCA funded grants through various state entities to tackle some of the larger watershed restoration projects in the Lower Columbia Basin. 

The Climate Commitment Act will be on the Washington State  ballot this November with Initiative 2117 seeking to repeal this program. 

​​What's at  Risk? 

The cap and invest funds collected via the CCA are allocated to legislative entities who work to distribute the monies towards climate mitigation efforts in the State of WA. As a result of the CCA, millions of dollars are allocated towards salmon reovery each year via entities such as the Salmon Recovery Funding Board, Briann Abott Fish Barrier Removal Program, and many more. 

​How would this Impact LCFEG? 

The repeal of the CCA would directly impact and reduce the funding that LCFEG receives to conduct salmon restoration projects.

​The grants supported by CCA funds are critical for helping LCFEG meet urgent salmon recovery needs. They enable our large, transformative projects in the South Fork Toutle that would otherwise be impossible. More importantly, the consistent funds allow for targeted investment in priority projects year after year, projects that would otherwise take decades to complete at current funding levels. The need for action to restore our vital watersheds for salmon is immediate, and the funding derived from the CCA is essential for LCFEG to meet these needs.

​More specifically, The CCA provides funding to assist LCFEG in meeting the following goals​​


Increase long-tern wood supply and restore ecological function


Increase spawning and rearing habitat quality and quantity


 Accelerate the successional development of  riparian forests

Watch the video below to learn  more! 

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